Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)

Students entering the College of Medicine will take a four-year medical program consisting of two years pre-clerkship and two years clerkship. This follows the two-year pre-medical program detailed in the Admission Requirements on the College of Medicine website. Students who were admitted into the M.D. program prior to 2014-15 should consult the requirements established for the year in which they were admitted. To view previous requirements, please visit the Previous Catalogues section of this Catalogue above.

A unique opportunity exists for students to complete dual M.B.A. and M.D. degrees. This opportunity is available to students accepted into the College of Medicine, allowing them to apply to and if accepted, complete an M.B.A. degree in addition to the M.D. degree. For further information on the M.B.A. admission and program requirements, please visit the M.B.A. program page.

For further information on the College of Medicine admission and program requirements please see the information below and the College of Medicine website.

Program Requirements

Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) (248 credit units)