Continuing Education and Development for Nurses (CEDN)

Continuing Education and Development for Nurses (CEDN) is a division of the College of Nursing.

CEDN identifies, develops, coordinates, delivers and evaluates education for nurses and other health care providers that work in Saskatchewan and beyond. Our programs promote lifelong learning, the maintenance of competencies and quality of care and are accessible to professionals throughout their careers.

In addition to standardized professional development programming, CEDN responds to requests for development of education sessions to meet targeted learning needs.
Opportunities for professional growth include:

  • A wide variety of learning events offered on a provincial, regional, or local basis, including conferences, e-learning events, workshops and Telehealth interactive sessions;
  • CEDN presented conferences or CEDN contracted conference planning services;
  • Regional workshops including Physical Assessment, Emergency Care, Falls Prevention, ECG Rhythm Interpretation, 12 Lead ECG Interpretation and Suturing Skills;
  • Specific gerontology events supported by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health, including a foot care modalities for the elderly person workshop;
  • E-learning events supported by CEDN and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health;
  • A Perinatal Program jointly offered by Continuing Education and Development for Nurses and Continuing Medical Education in the College of Medicine.

Our courses are open to an interprofessional audience. For more information, please visit CEDN on the College of Nursing website.

Note: University credit is not granted for CEDN learning events.