Requirements for Completion of Degree and Additional Information

Requirements for Completion of the Degree
Students with prior university credit(s) are advised to contact the College of Nursing to ensure proper sequencing and granting of transfer credit(s). 

All courses must be completed within three years of commencing the first nursing course. Extensions may be granted under certain circumstances for those individuals who are making steady progress towards successful completion of the program. Such cases are reviewed upon receiving a written request from the student.
Before withdrawing from a course, students are encouraged to seek advisement from their academic advisor.
Supplemental Final Examinations

The policies of the B.S.N. apply here, with the following exceptions: 

  • To be eligible to apply for a supplemental final examination, a student must have obtained a final mark of 40-49% in the course and have failed the exam. In addition, the student must have a weighted overall average and weighted nursing average of at least 60% for the academic term.*
  • Applications for the supplemental examinations for the Post-Degree B.S.N. Option courses have a shorter time frame. Please contact an academic advisor in the College of Nursing for further information.

*Within the Post-Degree B.S.N. Option, each term has varying lengths of time.