School of Environment and Sustainability

Academic Information & Policies

The following addresses college-level policies and information. For university-wide policies, please visit the U of S Policies and Regulations.

Students registered in a degree program outside of the School of Environment and Sustainability will follow the academic policies in effect for that program. Students must meet residency requirements as stipulated by their degree‐granting college.

Students pursuing only the Certificate in Sustainability program in the School of Environment and Sustainability will follow the undergraduate admission qualifications of the College of Arts and Science with the following exception:

  • Students taking the certificate must take ENVS 201 and ENVS 401. Transfer credits from other institutions cannot be substituted for these courses. The purpose of this is to create coherence among certificate cohorts.

For complete admission and transfer credit policies, please see the Prospective Students website.

Students pursuing the Certificate in Sustainability as a standalone program will observe the following policies:



Date of Commencement of a Program

Deferred and Supplemental Examinations

Repeating Courses