St. Thomas More College

1437 College Drive
Saskatoon SK S7N 0W6
Toll- free:1-800-667-2019

St. Thomas More College (STM) is a Catholic liberal arts college federated with the University of Saskatchewan. STM was established, in 1936, upon the invitation of the President of the University of Saskatchewan to the Catholic Bishop of Saskatoon. The Basilian Fathers, a religious congregation who pioneered the operation of Catholic colleges within universities throughout Canada, were invited to institute and operate the College. The College was incorporated by an Act of the Legislature of Saskatchewan in 1943, following formal approval by the Senate and Board of Governors of the University. (The Act was amended in 1972, 2001, and 2013.)

STM is the only federated college of the U of S; it is administratively and financially autonomous from the University—that is, it receives its own provincial grants and is accountable to the Provincial Government—but it is academically integrated within the University. It offers university classes in the following subjects: anthropology, archaeology, classics, classical, medieval and Renaissance studies, Catholic studies, economics, English, French, Hebrew,  history, interdisciplinary studies, philosophy, political studies, psychology, religious studies, sociology, Spanish, and Ukrainian. All STM classes are taught by fully qualified professors and instructors. STM has representation on University Council.

Any University of Saskatchewan student, in any discipline in any college, may take STM classes. STM classes are denoted with an attribute of "St. Thomas More Class" and have section numbers between 60 and 79. STM classes count towards U of S  program requirements.

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