CHEP 812: Advanced Research Seminar in Population Health

Designed as a culminating course experience for students in the doctoral program in Community Health and Epidemiology, for whom it is required. Students will take this course as they are completing their other course requirements, and it will provide them with an opportunity to reflect, integrate and synthesize all course materials and knowledge areas in preparation for their comprehensive examinations and dissertation research. The purpose is to prepare advanced students to become effective leaders in academic and research settings in all work settings. As such, this course will integrate content and theory with population health research practice as experienced by students through previous course work and life/professional experiences. It will be overseen by the course instructor, but the students will be major participants in their own learning. Students will participate in determining the course content, design and deliver a session, and contribute to assessment of student performance in the course.
Credit units
Term description
Graduate Studies and Research
Community Hlth and Epidemiol
Must be registered in the Community Health and Epidemiology Ph.D. program or have received permission from the instructor.