CMPT 100: Introduction to Computing

A survey of major computer science areas, combining a breadth of topics with depth via specific examples within each topic. Topics include: history of computing, computer applications, analysis and design, high level programming, computer software, computer hardware, artificial intelligence, and the social impact of computers.
Credit units
Term description
Arts and Science
Computer Science
Mathematics A30 or B30 or C30; or Foundations of Mathematics 30; or Pre-Calculus 30.
After CMPT 100, students can take any of 105 and 111. Students can receive credit for only one of CMPT 100, CMPT 102, CMPT 120, CMPT 175. Students may not take CMPT 100 for credit after taking CMPT 105. Also, students may not take CMPT 100 for credit concurrent with or following CMPT 115 or CMPT 117. Students wishing to major in computer science are advised to take CMPT 111. In addition, students majoring in computer science may not use CMPT 100 as a course in their major, but may count it as a junior elective as long as CMPT 100 is taken before CMPT 115 or CMPT 117.