CMPT 105: Introduction to Computing and Interactive Systems Design

Introduction to ideas and concepts in computer science and the design of interactive systems. Concepts in computing such as algorithms, problem solving, and programming are explored using interactive multimedia systems as the focus. Basic concepts in design and interaction, such as the interaction cycle, event-based behaviour, and prototyping are introduced.
Credit units
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Arts and Science
Computer Science
CMPT 105 can be taken as a science course by non-science majors. Science majors may not receive science credit for this course. CMPT 105 can be taken for credit after the completion of CMPT 100, 102, 120 or 175; but CMPT 100, 102, 120 and 175 cannot be taken for credit after completion of CMPT 105. CMPT 105 cannot be taken for credit after CMPT 111.