ECUR 310: Literacy Across the Elementary Curriculum Assessment and Planning in a Relational Context

Curriculum is comprised of four interrelated commonplaces: educators, learners, milieus and subject matter. Curriculum-making is an intentional act of designing, actualizing, and assessing instruction and learning to align with required Ministry of Education outcomes in all subject areas and including the adaptive dimension of curriculum for ELA. This course will focus on lesson and unit planning for literacy across the curriculum (with specific attention to Indigenous knowledge and perspectives). This advanced ELA course addresses three of the six semester hours required by the Ministry of Education related to reading and language methodology content for elementary teacher candidates.
Credit units
Term description
Curriculum Studies
ECUR 309, or EDUC 309, or EDUC 311.
Prerequisite(s) or Corequisite(s)
Students pursuing the B.Ed. Direct Entry Program must complete EFDT 101.3; ECUR 163.3 or ECUR 164.3 or ECUR 165.3; EFDT 265.3 or ECUR 265.3; EPSE 202.3.
Students with credit for ECUR 273 or EDUC 312 or EDUC 498.3: Mathematics and English Language Arts in the Elementary Classroom II will not receive credit for this course.