INTS 101: Examining the Western Humanities and Fine Arts in a Global Context

This intensive and interdisciplinary course explores and critiques the literary, philosophical, religious, artistic, scientific, and musical traditions of various Western cultures from ancient times to the present while situating these traditions in a global context. Topics include early cultures in Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, India, Greece, Rome, and what we now call the Americas; Medieval Europe and the world beyond; the Renaissance, Reformation, and early modern cross-cultural encounter and colonization; the scientific revolution, the Enlightenment, and other modern developments such as industrialization, romanticism, modernism, feminism, and decolonization. Faculty from multiple disciplines deliver the lectures and small seminars in this collaboratively taught course. Assignments emphasize critical thinking and writing. The course helps fulfill distribution requirements in the College of Arts and Science and satisfies all prerequisites for second-year courses in History and in Women's and Gender Studies. It partially satisfies prerequisites for second-year courses in Philosophy and in Religion and Culture.
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Arts and Science
Arts and Science Dean's Office
Only open to students who have completed 18 credit units or less.
Students with credit for INTS 101 may not take any 100-level CMRS or HIST course(s) for credit.