MATH 110: Calculus I

Introduction to derivatives, limits, techniques of differentiation, maximum and minimum problems and other applications, implicit differentiation, anti-derivatives.
Credit units
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Arts and Science
Mathematics and Statistics
Pre-Calculus 30 and a 60% score in the Math Placement Test; or Mathematics B30 and C30 and a 60% score in the Math Placement Test; or MATH 102 or MATH 104.
Students who do not have credit for MATH 102 or MATH 104 must complete the Math Placement Test ( with a test score of 60% or higher in order to register in MATH 110. Students are encouraged to write the test at least 6 weeks prior to the start of the term to help ensure that space will be available in the class. Students who score below 60% on the Math Placement Test will not be allowed to register in MATH 110 in the upcoming term; such students are encouraged to register for MATH 102 to improve their basic precalculus skills.