MATH 110: Calculus I

Introduction to derivatives, limits, techniques of differentiation, maximum and minimum problems and other applications, implicit differentiation, anti-derivatives.
Credit units
Term description
Arts and Science
Mathematics and Statistics
Pre-Calculus 30 and a 60% score in the Math Placement Test; or Mathematics B30 and C30 and a 60% score in the Math Placement Test; or MATH 102 or MATH 104.
Students who do not have credit for MATH 102 or MATH 104 must complete the Math Placement Test ( with a test score of 60% or higher in order to register in MATH 110. Students are encouraged to write the test at least 6 weeks prior to the start of the term to help ensure that space will be available in the class. Students who score below 60% on the Math Placement Test will not be allowed to register in MATH 110 in the upcoming term; such students are encouraged to register for MATH 102 to improve their basic precalculus skills. Students with credit for MATH 100 may subsequently take one of MATH 104, 110 or STAT 103 for credit.