MATH 125: Mathematics for the Life Sciences

An introduction to mathematical modeling with a focus on applications to the life sciences. Topics include: algebraic functions and their graphs, limits and rates of change, differentiation techniques and applications, exponential and logarithmic functions, integration and the area under a curve, introduction to differential equations. The main feature of this course is the use of structured examples from life sciences to establish a need for mathematical techniques. Necessary mathematical terms and concepts will be developed. The emphasis throughout this course is on applications of mathematics to life sciences with just enough theory to support applications. Extensive examples from Biology, Health, Chemistry and Physics will be used.
Credit units
Term description
Arts and Science
Mathematics and Statistics
Mathematics A30, B30 and C30; or Pre-Calculus 30; or MATH 102 or MATH 104.
Students may receive credit for only one of MATH 110, 121, 123, or 125. Students with credit for MATH 115 may not take this course for credit. Arts & Science students needing 6 credit units of 100-level calculus should take MATH 110 followed by MATH 116. This course is restricted to students Majoring in Biology; Biology & Biotechnology; Anatomy & Cell Biology; Biochemistry; Biochemistry & Biotechnology; Biotechnology, Microbiology & Immunology; Environment & Society; Environmental Biology; Microbiology & Immunology; Physiology & Pharmacology; Toxicology; or Pharmacy. Students who score below 60% on the Math Placement Test ( are advised to take MATH 102 to review their basis precalculus skills.