PSY 100: Introductory Psychology for Health Science Students

What is well-being? What is illness? What is healthy development? What is healthy personality? What are healthy social relationships? These are some of the questions that psychologists asks as they explore how much our psychological processes contribute to our experiences of illness and wellness. This course is designed for students in the various fields of health, including Kinesiology, Nursing, Nutrition, and Pharmacy. It offers an introduction to health-related issues from the perspective of psychology. You will be introduced to current viewpoints in psychology (as well as their history), some of the different methods by which psychologists perform their research, as well as (changing) assumptions that guide psychologists. This course may not be used toward a Psychology major and does not provide a prerequisite for upper year psychology courses.
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This course does not count towards the major requirements for a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. PSY 100 may not be used as a prerequisite for senior PSY courses. Students planning to take other PSY courses in the future are strongly advised to enroll in PSY 120 and PSY 121 as the prerequisite. Students may take all three of PSY 100, PSY 120, and PSY 121 for credit.