PUBH 840: Interdisciplinary Public Health Practice

Designed to be the culminating experience for the MPH program. As such, it integrates content and theory of public health practice as experienced by students through previous course work and practice. It recognizes the 7 core competency domains in public health as defined by the Public Health Agency of Canada and provides opportunities for students to acquire skills in all these domains. The course is taught by a team of instructors comprised of faculty, public health practitioners and professionals, and uses interactive methods including case studies, seminars, and class presentations. Students register in the capstone course after completion of their practicum (PUBH 992.6 or PUBH 993.9).
Credit units
Term description
Graduate and Postdoc Studies
School of Public Health
PUBH 992 or PUBH 993, PUBH 800, PUBH 803, PUBH 805, PUBH 867, PUBH 810.