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Greg Smith Chair, Board of Governors

On behalf of the board of governors, I would like to acknowledge the significant effort made by the entire university community in managing our financial resources in a fiscally responsible manner.

The senior leadership and the board continue to focus on achieving long-term financial sustainability for the University of Saskatchewan. As a result, a general culture of fiscal restraint and prudence has become more evident on campus.

We continue to respond to the challenge of ensuring efficient operations in light of fiscal realities. There are a number of projects underway that will help the university community effectively steward institutional resources.

The university is a strong proponent of the Province of Saskatchewan’s vision for growth. We expect to be able to more fully align our resources behind strategic areas of focus, which will increase our record of success and achievement.

Much work remains, however I am confident the university’s record of prudent financial management will continue to improve our standing among Canada’s very best research intensive universities.

Greg Smith, Chair, Board of Governors

2013/14 Annual Report

2013/14 Annual Report

On behalf of the board, I want to thank the entire U of S community for coming together to address the fact that our operating expenses are growing faster than our revenues. But as has always been the case throughout our university’s history, our dedication, hard work and prairie resourcefulness have resulted in significant progress towards our goal of financial sustainability.

Building on the past year, our work with the university’s senior leaders continues to be focused on making strategic decisions to ensure sustained, long-term financial sustainability by permanently reducing the gap between our revenue and expenses.

Financial sustainability is a critical step toward improving our place among Canada’s top research-intensive universities – the U15. We are pleased to continue this work alongside the dedicated members of the university community. The steps taken over the past year strengthens our foundation for the future, which is built upon a proud history of excellence.

As new individuals join our leadership team at the university and on the board, I am confident that we have taken the necessary and appropriate steps to maintain the university’s exceptional record of financial management. 

Susan Milburn, Chair, Board of Governors

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