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Susan Milburn Chair, Board of Governors

On behalf of the board of governors, I would like to extend my appreciation to all university employees for your commitment to bringing positive financial change to an already excellent university, and your dedication to this institution.

At the board, our focus is on the strategic and long-term direction of the university. It is important that we work with senior administration to ensure that the university is financially sustainable over generations, not just planning cycles.

Excellent progress has been made, beginning with a proactive and comprehensive four-year strategy to eliminate the mismatch between our revenues and our expenses. There is still a great deal to do in determining and implementing those changes needed to ensure our university’s financial sustainability. Steps taken over the past year have already resulted in permanent reductions in operating budget expenses for future years. With the priorities outlined in our third integrated plan, Promise and Potential, and a process for change guided by our budgets, the University of Saskatchewan is uniquely positioned to capitalize on its strengths and achieve new heights.

We look forward to continued progress and are pleased to work alongside the university community to make that happen.

Susan Milburn, Chair, Board of Governors

2011/12 Annual Report

2011/12 Annual Report

University of Saskatchewan Annual Report 2011-12

Prudent financial management at the University of Saskatchewan combined with strong support from the provincial government saw the university conclude 2011/12 in good financial condition despite the prolonged global economic downturn. The year, however, also brought to light new challenges. As described in more detail in later sections of this report, our robust and mature planning processes have highlighted financial issues for the university that we expect will continue into the years ahead. Promise and Potential, our third integrated plan, was approved in March 2012 by our governing bodies and sets our direction for the next four-year planning cycle. Guided by this plan, we will vigorously pursue our priorities as we address our financial challenges.

Nancy Hopkins, Chair, Board of Governors

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