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Integrated Planning at the University of Saskatchewan

Integrated planning is a process that brings together university-level and college/unit-specific initiatives, allowing for strategic decision-making and providing a synoptic view of resources and commitments. The purpose of integrated planning is to align academic priorities with financial and capital resources to ensure the responsible use of all resources.

The U of S is currently in its second planning cycle and in May 2008, approved The Second Integrated Plan: Toward an Engaged University (2008/09 - 2011/12). This plan commits the university to concentrate resources and energy on three priorities: improving the undergraduate and graduate student experience, both inside and outside the classroom; enhancing the university's profile in research, scholarly and artistic work; and working together more effectively across unit and institutional boundaries.

The plan steers the University of Saskatchewan toward becoming a fully engaged institution, one that distinguishes itself through the integration of teaching and research, university and community, and students and faculty and staff in focused and collaborative endeavours. Twenty commitments within the plan will generate university-level initiatives to accomplish these aims. For more information, see below or visit

Final Report on the Second Integrated Plan

(released Jul 17, 2012)

This report provides a high level overview of the progress against the "By 2012" statements in the Second Integrated Plan, the funding commitments from the Academic Priorities Fund (APF) and recognizes the individuals who served as executive sponsors, commitment leaders and working group members in the second planning cycle.

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