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First Integrated Plan: Final Report

Colleges, units and individuals across campus worked hard to advance the 71 initiatives in the university’s ambitious First Integrated Plan (2003-2007). Given the nature of the initiatives, some of the work is expected to continue into the second planning cycle. Many of the outcomes from the first plan are hugely visible in the current day University of Saskatchewan; for example, the establishment of three new interdisciplinary graduate schools which now have recruited, or are in the process of recruiting executive directors, research chairs, faculty and students.

Other accomplishments from the first plan include:

  • Creation of entrepreneurship programs in the Colleges of Engineering, Arts and Science, Agriculture and Bioresources and the Edwards School of Business

Fifty of the 71 initiatives are now complete, and 16 are continuing into the second planning cycle, having been incorporated into one of the commitments or priorities in the Second Integrated Plan. Five of the 71 were stopped, rethought or took another form.

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