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Update on Plan Components

The Second Integrated Plan comprises five components, outlined in the table below. In 2008-09, four of the five components were completed and one is in the final stages of development (anticipated for board approval, June 2009).

In January 2009, planning parameters for all colleges and major administrative units were finalized – the  first time parameters were developed for administrative units. These documents identify expectations for colleges and units for the current planning cycle and show connections between the university’s plan, individual plans and the 20 commitments.  

A key part of planning is checking that we are doing the right things and continually adjusting and improving our activities. Last year, the university took considerable strides in its university-level assessment portfolio, beginning with the acceptance of the Information Strategy in July 2008. In November and December 2008, Council and board approved the Framework for Assessment, which sets an overall structure for the university’s assessment activities, particularly on academic, operational effectiveness and reputational dimensions. Further, interviews were conducted with deans and administrative unit heads to evaluate the planning process and plan development; results will inform the ongoing implementation of the current plan and development of the next.

Update on plan components as of April 30, 2009






Second Integrated Plan

Identifies the priorities, strategies and commitments for the four-year planning cycle

þ Approved by Board of Governors May 2, 2008


University Implementation Plan

Identifies leaders for each commitment and principles that will guide the implementation process

þ Commitment leaders named fall 2008; implementation currently in progress


Multi-Year Operating Budget Framework

Provides a financial projection and guiding principles for the university’s operating budget for the four-year planning cycle

þ Approved by Board of Governors May 2, 2008


College and Unit Planning Parameters

Documents that outline expectations for colleges and major administrative units on specific initiatives, and goals related to enrolment, research and scholarship, program or service innovation and resources over the planning cycle. They also identify connections between the university’s plan and college and unit plans, as well as the 20 commitments.  

þ Completed and shared with university community,
January 2009



Multi-Year Capital Plan

Provides details on new and continuing infrastructure projects for the four-year planning cycle

àIn final stages of development; anticipated for Board of Governors’ approval, June 2009

þ Complete   à In progress