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Section 3: Academic Priorities Fund Expenditures

Academic Priorities Fund Expenditures

The University of Saskatchewan's Academic Priorities Fund (APF) is a special fund used to support institutional priorities. It contains $4.5 million in permanent funds for the second planning cycle. Two million of this total is provided by a special grant from the Government of Saskatchewan; the other $2.5 million is allocated by the university in its Multi-Year Operating Budget Framework.

The purpose of integrating financial and institutional planning is to support areas of highest priority. Investments from the APF to support these areas take two forms: permanent and one-time. Permanent investments are meant to support fundamental change at the university (such as the establishment of three interdisciplinary graduate schools), and one-time investments support selected projects and innovative ideas for a set number of years.

Funds committed from the APF in 2009-10 reflect our priorities as the items funded are initiatives expected to improve the student experience, enhance our research profile and improve our ability to work together more effectively. Due to the financial uncertainty as a result of last year’s global economic downturn, minimal permanent investments were made from the APF during 2009-10. However, there were a number of one-time investments in high priority projects as shown in the table.

One-time funding committed in 2009-10

Committed in 2009-10 - to be spent by 2011/12 One-time allocation
Student Wellness Initiative Toward Community Health $30,000
ESB interest on loan for downtown campus $210,000
Centre for Study of Cooperatives $100,000
Sustainability as a Shared Challenge Commitment (liaison position) $270,000
Financial Resources Commitment (resource allocation support position) $148,000
Student Evaluation of Educational Quality (SEEQ) $116,000
Teacher-Learner Commitment (teaching awards) $200,000
Retention Strategies and Initiatives (Undergraduate Advising) $100,000
International Centre for Northern Governance and Development $275,000
Graduate Student Housing Design Phase $500,000
Implementation of Globalism Foundational Document $675,000
Matching Research Grant Program $770,000
Aboriginal Student Achievement $55,433
Chair in Health Quality Improvement $350,000
Geographical Information Systems $330,000
Clarion development of concept drawings (investment, to be repaid to APF) $50,000
Dairy Research Facility Design Phase (investment, to be repaid to APF) $150,000
Framework for Assessment Implementation $208,000
Total one-time committed in 2009-10 $4,537,433

Total one-time funding committed during the first two years of the second planning cycle (2008-09 and 2009-10) is $11.840 million. For detail from 2008-09, please see the first year progress report

Permanent funding in the APF as of April 30, 2010

This chart shows a summary of the permanent funds committed in the second planning cycle to date which totals $1.874 million.


Permanent funds in the Academic Priorities Fund Permanent allocations
Total available over planning cycle $4.5M
Allocated/committed in 2008-09  
     College of Graduate Studies and Research (scholarships, fellowships, teaching awards) $1.0M
     Interdisciplinary Graduate Schools $0.574M
Allocated/committed in 2009-10  
     Implementation of the Framework for Assessment $0.3M
Total permanent allocated to date $1.874M
Remaining $ 2.626 M