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Measuring Our Progress – By 2012 Statements

For priority area 2, by 2012, we will know if we are on track if:

Progress to date
0  -   100%

We have identified areas of current and emerging pre-eminence complete with benchmarks, measures, and convincing evidence that these are areas in which we have distinctive profile as national and international leaders. 100%
Our areas of pre-eminence and types of research reinforce a distinctive University of Saskatchewan identity that reflects our sense of place and aids recruitment of students and faculty across the campus. 50%
We are offering more opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to participate in the scholarship of discovery. 75%
We continue to improve our research performance on a set of key indicators which have been jointly developed early in this planning cycle and widely communicated 50%
We have involved more areas of the campus research community in participating in academic programs and experiential learning opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students 50%
We have leveraged additional funding for strategic research initiatives and research centres TBD