University of Saskatchewan

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Measuring Our Progress – By 2012 Statements

For the supporting strategies, by 2012, we will know if we are on track if:

Progress to date
0  -   100%

We have acted on our commitment to work together more effectively as described in Priority Area 3 above 50%
We have maintained a balanced operating budget over the four-year period with adequate financial reserves and utilized the Academic Priorities Fund to invest in a number of academic initiatives arising from the commitments articulated in this plan 75%
We have defined principles and a process for resource allocation within the operating budget, enabling us to better respond financially to priorities and potential risks, such as a downturn in undergraduate enrolment and tuition revenue 50%
We have developed new sources of revenue and have advanced our fund-raising efforts in support of this plan 50%
We have completed most of the capital and infrastructure projects which currently have funding commitments (see for a listing of these projects) 75%
We have expanded our commitment to environmental sustainability in our physical infrastructure, both through energy savings projects and environmentally sensitive building design 50%
We have improved our overall approach to risk management and enhanced our ability to mitigate and respond to human, financial, infrastructure and strategic risks 75%
We have designed and implemented a comprehensive quality assurance framework in our academic and administrative functions and report on progress at regular intervals 50%