Overview of DDN Projects

Peace-Athabasca Delta. Photo credit - Jason Straka

“Knowledge mobilization” is about making sure that knowledge serves society well. It means ensuring that publicly funded investments in knowledge, whether it is western science, Traditional Knowledge, or both, are being made useful. It aims to bridge any gaps between academic researchers, the general public, and decision-makers. In this context, we typically think of knowledge being generated, translated, and used. Knowledge mobilization focuses on the translation and utilization parts of this process. It can take many different forms, such as presentations at community events, publications in academic journals, writing policy briefs, connecting via social media, or developing curriculum material, among others. Different types of knowledge mobilization tools and activities fit the needs of different audiences. 

In addition to collaborating on existing delta research, the DDN will pursue three projects related to knowledge mobilization to serve partner needs. By exploring a common theme across all three deltas we will more easily be able to understand what practical and theoretical lessons can be shared across deltas, and beyond delta communities.