Slave River Delta

Ring Lake. Photo credit - Tim Jardine

PartnerSlave River and Delta Partnership (SRDP)

Project Description 

The Slave River and Delta Partnership (SRDP) has identified communication of research and monitoring information as a top priority. The many different research and monitoring projects in the Slave River and Delta generate a lot of data and information. There is concern that sometimes this information isn’t reaching the people who need and want it in ways that are relevant and useful to them. Better available information, in more appropriate formats, can support more informed decision-making at local, regional and territorial levels.

Specifically, the SRDP would like to focus on how information is communicated, what works and what doesn’t. The SRDP identified looking at the current tools and approaches to information sharing to see if they are working. The purpose of this project is to understand strategies for information sharing that are locally and culturally appropriate and are effective at reaching people who need and want research and monitoring information.

The overall purpose of the SRDP-specific project is to: Explore how water research and monitoring information is shared within the communities of Fort Resolution and Fort Smith and identify community-preferred best practices for knowledge sharing. 

To do this, there are 4 main objectives. Specifically, the proposed project will:

  • Look at the different ways information is currently being shared in projects in the Slave River and Delta (what is being done right now);
  • Examine community and researcher perspectives on what is working, what isn’t working and what could work better;
  • Look at where these perspectives are similar and where they are different to help identify potential barriers and opportunities for improving knowledge sharing strategies for research and monitoring projects;
  • Collaborate with partners and participants to develop a series of “best practices” in knowledge sharing to guide future research and monitoring projects. 

Presentations and Publications

For more information, contact:

  • Kiri Staples, Project Manager -[at]