Governance Structure

The DDN will be governed by three main groups, responsible for the management of day-to-day activities, project development, and advising on research activities and agendas. Toddi Steelman, Principal Investigator, and Kiri Staples, Project Manager, will participate in all three groups to ensure they are collaborating effectively. In addition, the management group will also include two part-time community coordinators. The community coordinators will be responsible for making sure that partner and researcher needs are met within the specific communities that they work in, but will also help support interactions between community members, partners, and researchers. The Research Advisory Group will include Jennifer Fresque-Baxter, Stuart Macmillan, Maureen Reed, Graham Strickert, Greg Poelzer, and Tim Jardine, all of whom are actively involved in research and monitoring in one or more of the three delta regions. The Project Development Group is made up of community partner representatives from all three deltas, as well as several graduate students. 

Governance structure

These groups are deliberately small to encourage effective and timely decision-making. However, they will be advised by and accountable to our larger partner organizations. It is also important to ensure that all of the different groups and individuals involved in the DDN feel that their needs and concerns are being represented in this governance structure. For this reason, governance of the DDN will continue to evolve as the project is carried out. 

Governance and partners