Delta Days 2016

Some of the Delta Day participants

For the past three years, the School of Environment and Sustainability at the University of Saskatchewan has hosted “Delta Day”, a celebration of life and research in northern inland deltas. Previous Delta Day events have brought together a small number of representatives in Saskatoon to discuss topics related to delta research. In 2016, we expanded the scope of this event and built on the connections created through the Delta Dialogue Network project by bringing together all three deltas in one workshop. The purpose of Delta Days 2016 was to solidify connections between the three deltas, share experiences and lessons learned, and identify key issues faced by deltas and delta communities. This event involved community members (land users, elders, students, leaders, etc.), decision-makers, university researchers, and other partners from three deltas in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba and the Northwest Territories. 

The first two days of the workshop were held at Wanuskewin Heritage Park, while the third day was at the University of Saskatchewan. There was a combination of different activities throughout the three days, including presentations, breakout group discussions, mapping exercises, film screenings, and a public panel presentation. Youth involvement was also an important part of this workshop. Youth participants from all three deltas attended the main workshop, but also took part in a number of youth-centered activities. They participated in art activities, traditional games, a tour of the Aquatic Research Facility and University, otolith dating, and finger weaving.

Thanks largely to the generous support and guidance provided by numerous organizations and individuals, Delta Days 2016 surpassed our expectations and goals. We would like to extend heartfelt gratitude to those who were a part of bringing this event to fruition. Many of these people are continuing work to maintain the momentum that was gained through this event, and we continue to be grateful for these efforts.