The traveling display and other next steps

Mural created during Delta Days

In addition to connecting the three deltas, one of the main goals of Delta Days was to identify key concerns and messages to share with broader delta communities and key decision-makers whose work is tied to deltas and delta communities. To that end, we partnered with the Department of Art and Art History and Department of Drama to create a visual representation of these ideas. During the event, participants contributed to a large mural, creating a collage of answers to questions like "where in your delta would you like to try and make a change" and "what place is most important to you in your delta". We will be using the ideas from this mural to create a display that travels between delta communities and political centers. Its purpose is to engage and educate people about the importance and challenges faced by deltas and delta communities, using different types of media, information, and materials.

Timeline (approximate)

  • May - Digitize materials from mural and other Delta Day activities 
  • June/July - Design traveling display
  • August - Construction of traveling display
  • September/October/November - Develop materials for display 
  • January/February - Display travels to delta communities and relevant political centres 

If you have any questions about this project, contact project manager Kiri Staples at[at]

Read below for other ways in which the ideas from Delta Days will be carried forward.

Social media

Michela Carriere has created a Facebook group called "Delta Action". The purpose of the page is to "collaborate, share knowledge, raise awareness and start building a new hope for our deltas". It already features videos, links, updates, and other helpful resources.

Visit the page for more information -

Final Report
We have put together a final report for Delta Days. It discusses the main themes that were discussed at the event, and includes many stories and pictures from the participants that were at the heart of Delta Days. Click here to read the report.
Delta Days video
During Delta Days, we conducted video interviews with a number of the participants to discuss the significance of the event. We also used video to capture the activities and discussions that took place so we could share them with a larger audience. The video tells the story of why Delta Days is so important - click here to watch it
Legacy Art Project

Critical to the success of Delta Days was the involvement of youth in a variety of art projects using both traditional and contemporary approaches.  The University of Saskatchewan’s Department of Art and Art History collaborated with SENS to offer a youth workshop using clay, felting and fish scale art (taught by Nancy Hager, artist and educator from the Na Cho Nyak Dun First Nation).  Art Department students, Elizabeth Babyn, Jessica Morgun, Samra Sheikh, and staff, Todd Lyons, worked with faculty member, Susan Shantz, and SENS student, Sarah Baines, to design and teach the art workshops.

Following the event, art students and Professor Shantz created Legacy Artwork as a symbolic piece to be given to the partner communities and institutions. It incorporates art pieces and materials from the youth workshop, the delta logo designed by Michela Carriere of the Saskatchewan River Delta and symbols identified by community members as important to the deltas: muskrat, moose, ducks, and plants such as blueberries, cranberries, Labrador tea and horsetail.  Provincial flowers for Manitoba and Saskatchewan (prairie crocus and prairie lily) as well as Alberta (wild rose) and Northwest Territories (mountain avens) are also included to refer to the areas where the delta communities live.

Youth Exchange
Teachers at the Charlebois Community School in Cumberland House, SK are currently working to put together a proposal for a youth exchange. This exchange would bring a group of their students to the Peace-Athabasca Delta in Alberta, so that students could continue to learn about what is happening in deltas similar to their own. Plans for this exchange are still in development, but updates will be posted as they progresses.