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    Traveling Display Blog: Yellowknife Day 2

    The Government of Northwest Territories Department of Environment and Natural Resources hosted a lunchtime event in Yellowknife featuring the traveling display. Minister Robert C. McLeod spoke at  More »

    Traveling Display Blog: Visit from Yellowknife high school students

    Grade 11 students from Sir John Franklin High School visited the traveling display today. They were very engaged and listened keenly to stories from Gary Carriere and Earl Evans.  More »

    Traveling display blog: Yellowknife

    Today was our first day in Yellowknife. Unfortunately, snow and ice on the truck door melted and then refroze, resulting in an inch of ice and road dirt. It took a while to get through!  More »

    Traveling Display Blog: Graham Strickert and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

    In Yellowknife, Graham Strickert got the opportunity to ask Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to:  “Bring Back Nature’s Flow. Restore Our Deltas’ Rhythm”. He also asked about   More »

    Traveling Display Blog: Leaving Fort Resolution

    We finished up in Fort Resolutions with a wonderful collection of items that illustrated life on the deltas.  Thanks to all of the teachers who brought out the kids and to our volunteers who make  More »

    Traveling Display Blog: Fort Resolution, NWT

    Graham and Lalita made it safely to Fort Resolution yesterday and got set up.  They had about 80 kids today with grades 3, 5, 6, 10, 11 and 12 and another 30-40 adults, which made for a very busy  More »

    Traveling Display Blog: Arrival in Fort Smith, NT

    Graham and Lalita made it to Fort Smith. There were some GREAT volunteers from the Fort Smith Metis Council who came to help out when they arrived. Setup is nearly done. COME OUT AND SEE IT!   More »

    Traveling Display Blog: Road to Fort Smith

    We finished up in Fort Chip last night and loaded up the van with the help of some great volunteers. Thanks to the volunteers for coming out!   More »

    Traveling Display Blog: Day 2 in Fort Chip

    Yesterday we had a great day in Fort Chip, with about 60 people showing up, including grade 2, 8, and 9 students from the school. Today we have had grade 7 and 5 students so far. The "river in a box"   More »

    Traveling Display Blog: Day 1 in Fort Chip

    The display was set up in Mamawi Hall.  The kids who visited today had such a good time they came back after school! We have been adding to the display with photos of people as they  More »

    Traveling Display Blog: Arriving in Fort Chipewyan, AB

    Graham and Toddi traveled from Fort McMurray to Fort Chipewyan on the winter road yesterday. SENS MSEM graduate Jess Lankshire met the traveling display in Fort Chip, where she now  More »

    Traveling Display Blog: Days 2 and 3 in Cumberland House

    The traveling display was at the Charlebois Community School on January 18  More »

    Traveling Display Blog: Cumberland House, SK

    The Delta Days display was on full display today in Cumberland House yesterday! Over 150 kids, plus 30+ adults visited this morning.  More »

    Traveling Display Blog: Leaving Saskatoon

    The first stop for the Delta Days Traveling Display is Cumberland House, Saskatchewan! We will be posting pictures and updates as often as possible as the display travels. Information for when and whe  More »

    Press Release - Delta Days Travelling Display

    A traveling interactive, multi-media art exhibit that aims to raise awareness about the health of Canadian inland deltas and the people who live in them will be touring throughout Western Canada in 20  More »