Graduate Students

Saskatchewan's claim to fame


Michael McConnell (MSc Student) January 2016-present: Stratigraphy, age, and provenance by detrital zircon U-Pb, Hf isotope analysis of the Karrat Group (Greenland)

2016-2017 Graduate Teaching Fellowship recipient




Brayden McDonald (MSc student, former BSc student) September 2015-present: Constraining redox processes as recorded by stable uranium isotopes

BSc project: Determination of mineralogy and carbon isotope composition of carbonate rocks from the Paleoproterozoic Murmac Bay Group.   2016 paper published in Can. J. Earth Sci.

2016-2018 Areva Scholarship recipient

2016 Science Ambassador, College of Arts & Science, Science Outreach Program


Ty Magee (MSc Student) September 2015-present: Isotope and trace element geochemistry of the Karrat Group, Greenland: implications for MVT/SEDEX potential

2016-2017 SK Innovation & Opportunity Scholarship recipient

Semi-finalist on "Team University of Saskatchewan", Frank Arnott Award competition


Christine Shiels (MSc student) Sept. 2014 - June 2017: Provenance analysis by coupled U-Pb, Hf, and O isotopic analysis of detrital zircon from the Paleoproterozoic Murmac Bay Group

2015-2016 NSERC CGS-M recipient

2016 paper published in Lithosphere

2017 paper published in Precambrian Research


I'm always on the look-out for keen graduate students to join my research group. Funding is usually project based, so advanced contact (6-12 mo ahead of start date) is best. Contact me for possible opportunities.