Researcher examines obstacles to ag innovation

Posted  by Dan Yates in The Western Producer

Stuart Smyth photo by Dan Yates

Stuart Smyth wears a few hats: university professor, researcher and, most recently, blogger.

Smyth has launched a website,, in which he tackles hot button issues in the agriculture sector. Think genetically modified flax, rising chemical use on prairie farms and new crop trait approvals.

A recent post about A & W’s “better beef” campaign, which promotes products that contain no added hormones or steroids, quickly drew 12,000 views. The headline read: How A&W supports unsustainable agriculture.

“The idea behind the blog was to try and do a better job of unpacking some of technical things we write about at an academic level that we’ll share amongst academics or with colleagues in government or industry and try and take the technical aspect out of the story and then reproduce the story in a writing style that the average person who gets emailed this can really understand in two or three minutes of reading,” said Smyth,  a professor at the University of Saskatchewan’s bioresource policy, business and economics department...

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