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September 20, 2014   

Engaging Minds

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The following videos are produced by Research Communications, with the assistance of the Division of Media and Technology:

Funders include the Indirect Costs Program, the Canada Research Chairs Program, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Harry Toop Memorial Fund, and the Division of Media and Technology.


Soledade Pedras - Green Breakthrough in Crop Protection
This video tells the story of an important discovery by U of S chemistry professor Soledade Pedras, Canada Research Chair in Bioorganic and Agricultural Chemistry, who was named the U of S’s 2009 Distinguished Researcher.
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Roanne Thomas-MacLean - Breast Cancer Researcher and Associate Professor Sociology
Roanne Thomas-MacLean, Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Saskatchewan was named a distinguised researcher by the U of S in 2008.  Her work exploring the breadth and impact of breast surgery on a woman's ability to use her arm is one of the largest studies of its kind in the world.
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Wei Xiao Wei Xiao - Cancer Cell Researcher and Microbiology Professor
Wei Xiao took his youthful interest in plants and turned it into a complex research project which has unlocked a cancer-fighting protein complex.  The University of Saskatchewan's Distinguished Researcher for 2008, Wei continues to teach, research, and collect an unusual assortment of stamps.
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Caroline Tait - Aboriginal Health Researcher
Faculty Researcher for the Indigenous Peoples' Health Research Centre.
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Dean McNeill

Dean McNeill - Head, Department of Music
Teacher, musician and composer: Dean McNeill meshes the many aspects of music in his life.
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Susan Shantz

Susan Shantz - Artist & Professor of Art
Art is an avenue to learning for Art History professor Susan Shantz. She describes how her recent work "Canopy" stimulates the various senses of the observers and communicates a message to them.
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JP St. Maurice

Jean-Pierre St.Maurice - Canada Research Chair in Environmental Sciences
Being Canada Reserach Chair in Environmental Sciences helps Jean-Pierre St. Maurice keep his eyes on the sky...the night sky to be exact. That's where he gets a bird's eye view of the aurora borealis.
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JoAnne Dillon

JoAnne Dillon - Researcher VIDO
As Dean of the College of Arts & Science, JoAnne Dillon has a full schedule. But her love of research takes her into the microbiology lab to study the antimicrobial resistance of various bacterial pathogens.
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Jim Miller

Jim Miller - Canada Research Chair Native-Newcomer Relations
It's an exciting time for Jim Miller to be studying Native-Newcomer Relations.  As Canada Research Chair in Native-Newcomer Relations at the U of S he explores why we have had so much trouble living together in the past and how we might build better relationships in the future.
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Peter Stoicheff

Peter Stoicheff - English Professor & Associate Dean Humanities & Fine Arts
What does the web page have to do with the medieval page? English Professor Peter Stoicheff 's discovery of a box of manuscripts from the 1100's to 1500's is helping tell the story of how the two are alike.
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Sylvia Abonyi

Sylvia Abonyi - CRC Aboriginal Health
Sylvia Abonyi is Canada Research Chair in Aboriginal Health and a member of the Saskatchewan Population Health Research Unit where she looks for ways to involve northern Saskatchewan community members in improving health in their communities.
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Steven Franklin

Steven Franklin - VP Research
Studying grizzly bear populations is a long way from his job as Vice-President of Research at the U of S.  But Steven Franklin converges his two interests in a very full life.
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Henry Woolf

Henry Woolf - Professor Emeritus, Department of Drama
An actor and director of theatre for decades, Henry Woolf brought his gifts of the stage and his wit to the University of Saskatchewan and to Saskatoon more than twenty years ago.
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Naomi Carriere

Naomi Carriere - Master Student in Biology
A Master's student in Biology, Naomi Carriere is looking at traditional aboriginal knowledge of the woodland caribou and modern-day scientific knowledge in an effort to help preserve the species.
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Keith Thor Carlson

Keith Thor Carlson
Exploring aboriginal issues led History Professor Keith Carlson to the story of Louie Sam. The tragic saga of the young aboriginal boy in the 1800s helped Carlson reveal how one small incident can lead to a century of after-shock, and how telling such a story helps students learn the lush nature of history.
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