University of Saskatchewan

September 23, 2014   

Kinesiology Current Studies and Projects

Community Health Promotion

  • Saskatoon In Motion: Building Community Capacity and Health Promotion Research: This large multi-disciplinary study is funded by the Canadian Institutes for Health Research through the Community Alliance for Health Research Program. Over 40 university departments, research institutes, provincial and national organizations, and community agencies are involved in this project that seeks to better understand how physical activity health promotion can be best delivered, and how the capacity of community partners can be enhanced to promote physical activity. The research program is particularly targeted at disadvantaged youth and the older adult.
  • An examination of physician counselling to promote the adoption of physical activity.

Exercise and Sport Psychology

  • Current research involves an examination of modifications to the structure of children's sports and an analysis of the effect these modifications may have on such variables as self-esteem, anxiety, and risk-taking.
  • Researchers are investigating the effects that selected cognitive strategies have on the performance of elite endurance athletes.
  • Studies of group processes at the elite level, with the current focus being an analysis of the relationship between cohesion and group performance, are underway.
  • Coping with social physique anxiety in adolescence.
  • Investigating change in self-perceptions, smoking, dietary restraint, and social physique anxiety in adolescent girls.
  • The relationship between control beliefs and coping function.
  • The correspondence between anticipated and actual coping.
  • Studies examining the relationship between psychological climate and various individual and group outcomes in both male and female athletes.
  • Examining the relationship between group processes and individual adherence patterns in health?related exercise settings