University of Saskatchewan

September 16, 2014   

Edwards School of Business

The research activities within the Edwards School of Business cover a wide spectrum of subjects within the management disciplines. Some of the research and scholarly activities have functional orientations in accounting, finance, human resource management, marketing, and operations management, while others focus on managerial issues within a particular industry sector.

Research in operations management focuses on the effects of an online-to-store channel on a retailerís profitability, service industry scheduling, and health care process improvement.

Research in accounting focuses on standards of financial accountability and auditing processes, while research in finance focuses on the workings of financial markets and factors affecting investor returns.

Human resources research focuses on labour-management relations and pay and reward systems.

Research in marketing focuses on marketing in transitional economies and factors affecting advertising outcomes.

Other research has focused on cooperatives and their linkages with the community, and on factors affecting the job satisfaction of physicians. A new research thrust currently under way is biotechnology management.