University of Saskatchewan

September 30, 2014   


The U of S College of Education, created in 1928, grew out of the School of Education, founded in 1927. The U of S was the first in Canada to offer, in 1927, a graduate degree in education. In 1964, the provincial Teacher Training College was absorbed and the integrated College moved into its then new building in 1970.

At present, the College has 75 full-time faculty with approximately 30 support staff. Research activities parallel the areas of study of the departments which make up the College and include Curriculum Studies, Educational Administration, Educational Psychology, Education of Exceptional Children and Educational Foundations, which has incorporated the Indian and Northern Education Programs and the Adult and Continuing Education Program.

In Curriculum Studies there has been an emphasis on curriculum development and evaluation associated with the innovative CORE curriculum being implemented in the province.

Through its Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit (SELU), Educational Administration has been investigating issues associated with school finance, governance and rural education.

Ongoing projects in the Department for Exceptional Children include early identification of children with language and learning difficulties, and the application of computer-related materials to diagnosis and remediation.

Educational Psychology and Special Education has invested considerable effort into literacy and cognition; multiculturalism is also an area of ongoing research interest, in particular the effects of culture on issues relating to Special Education.

Educational Foundations, in addition to programs in Aboriginal Education, Adult Education and Global and International Education, has projects relating to the role of women in Saskatchewan Education and alternative approaches in education.