University of Saskatchewan

September 22, 2014   


The College of Kinesiology has an established research and scholarship focus in the physiological and psycho-social domains of physical fitness and physical activity. The diverse disciplinary expertise of faculty members in the College coalesce to study the relationships among physical activity, fitness, and health. Both basic and applied research, using quantitative and qualitative procedures, is performed, often in a multi-disciplinary setting.

Within the College, researchers with expertise in pedagogy, sociology, psychology, history, exercise physiology, motor learning, growth and development, biomechanics, and coaching perform both laboratory and field research. In addition, the College has a history of collaborative work with faculty from other Colleges, and in particular, other health science units. The College's expertise in growth and development, pediatric exercise science, longitudinal study design and analysis, osteoporosis and bone health, disease prevention through physical activity, and community-based health promotion is particularly well established.

The College of Kinesiology at the University of Saskatchewan has an active graduate program with research-focused training available at both the Masters and Doctoral levels. The close working relationship between graduate students and faculty supervisors provides a productive environment where both graduate student training and research advancement are facilitated.

In addition to the numerous cross-College collaborations that occur on the University of Saskatchewan campus, faculty members in the College of Kinesiology have close working relationships with researchers from the United States, United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, Australia, and nearly every university in Canada. These research relationships allow for more productive and creative research opportunities. In addition, graduate student exchange possibilities can create enhanced mentoring arrangements.

Several researchers in the College of Kinesiology, in collaboration with researchers from Pharmacy and Nutrition, Physical Therapy, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Medical Imaging, Electrical Engineering, Anatomy and Cell Biology, Mechanical Engineering, Gastroenterology, and Neuropsychiatry have submitted a proposal for the development of a Laboratory for Disease Prevention Through Physical Activity. Funding for this large initiative is being sought from the Canada Foundation for Innovation, the University of Saskatchewan and the Government of Saskatchewan. If successful, this laboratory will focus on research related to the prevention of obesity and osteoporosis in children, adolescents, and older adults.


Current Studies and Projects: