University of Saskatchewan

September 18, 2014   


The College of Medicine is led by approximately 240 faculty members and supported by about 200 staff.

The efforts of graduate students are indispensable to research. In 2003, there were 180 students in the College at the master’s, doctoral, and post-doctoral levels (distributed between the Biomedical Sciences, Clinical, and Population Health areas.)

About 200 medical residents train under the supervision of College faculty in the province’s teaching hospitals. The main training site is Royal University Hospital on the University of Saskatchewan campus.

In 2002/03, research at the College of Medicine resulted in four patents issued and another eight pending. Four license agreements have been signed and three spin-off companies have been launched to capitalize on the innovations of our researchers.

Patents recognized several innovations, including drugs to treat high blood pressure, a novel drug to help treat trauma to the central nervous system, a device for administering cold therapy to stroke patients before they arrive at the hospital, and metal-containing DNA.

The College of Medicine is a major part of the new and life sciences Health Research Groups imitative in the province. These groups will concentrate on specific areas of need and research expertise. Community and university personnel will work together on global, child, rural, and community health issues pertinent to the people of Saskatchewan.


Health Sciences Research Groups: