University of Saskatchewan

September 16, 2014   

Kinesiology Current Studies and Projects

Motor Learning

  • In the area of motor learning investigations of motivation and reinforcement, direct real time input and analysis of games, and immediate kinetic feedback of individual performances are being done.

Nutritional Supplements and Performance

  • Assessing the effects of creatine monohydrate supplementation on physical performance and physiological function.

Pedagogy and Physical Education

  • Current research involves an examination of instructional process variables and the relationship to student motor skill learning. Researchers are exploring both coaching and teaching strategies as they relate to instructional effectiveness.
  • Research on the implementation of the recently developed Saskatchewan Grade 1 - 5 Physical Education Curriculum is underway to understand the factors that effect the implementation of this curriculum.
  • Effectiveness of school-based curriculum on the promotion of healthy lifestyles and positive body image.