University of Saskatchewan

September 19, 2014   


The College of Nursing opened its doors as the School of Nursing in 1938. It became a college in 1923 and presently has operating funds to support over 50 full-time faculty and support staff, with sites in both Saskatoon and Regina. College research programs reflect the strengths of the University of Saskatchewan and the human health issues challenging Saskatchewan and contemporary Canadian health care.

The College of Nursing has several research initiatives underway, that involve both faculty and graduate students. These initiatives, funded for over $5,000,000 in the past, relate to issues of chronic disease and life style, rural/remote nursing and health care, mental health, forensic health, and knowledge utilization and health policy development. Development of pedagogy for nursing education also remains a research priority, as does quality of nursing work-life.

Faculty members are engaged in research that features partnerships with colleagues from other schools of nursing and other disciplines both internal and external to the University of Saskatchewan. For example, the College of Nursing is a founding partner in the recently funded Canadian Centre for Knowledge and Policy Research (CCKPR).

Other partners are CHSRF, CIHR, and the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research, with over $3,000,000 in funding. The CCKPR is the first facility of its kind in the country preparing researchers to interact with decision makers, ultimately translating critical health research into policy. The College's activity in relation to the CCKPR will support development of health policy, particularly within the Saskatchewan. College faculty members also cooperate closely with the Centre for Agricultural Medicine to study the impact of farming on the health of women, children and men in agricultural-related activities.