University of Saskatchewan

September 17, 2014   

Kinesiology Current Studies and Projects

Physical Activity and Health

  • The Canadian YMCA's Lifestyle and Fitness Evaluation Program, developed by the College of Kinesiology, provides researchers with an accumulating database of over 25,000 subjects. The College's Fitness Assessment Laboratory tests individual and elite athletes on an ongoing basis, with the results used to assess both acute and chronic effects of exercise.
  • In a cooperative study with the Department of Clinical Pathology, faculty members are studying the effects of exercise on various haematological indices such as serum cholesterol concentrations and serum iron.
  • Determinants of osteopenia and osteoporosis in men aged 25-96 years: Data from the Canadian Multicentre Osteoporosis Study (CaMos) - an ongoing 5 year, prospective study investigating the determinants osteoporosis and fracture risk in Canadian men and women.
  • On-site physical activity programs for seniors - these are on-site, "free-standing" (i.e. non-institutional) programs designed to provide isolated seniors with the opportunity to become more physically and socially active. The efficacy of these programs to enable seniors to maintain activities of daily living, reduce their incidence of falling, injury and hospitalization, and enhance their socialization, and improve their quality of life is being investigated.
  • The effects of physical activity and bisphosphonate supplementation on the prevention of secondary handicaps in children with spina bifida.
  • The effects of exercise and nutritional counselling in overweight women with polycystic ovary syndrome.
  • Physical activity and fitness of children with contrasting motor abilities: a ten year follow-up.
  • The effect of resistance training on anabolic hormone responses to exercise in women across a wide age range.
  • Obesity prevention in elementary schools: An assessment of the School Health Index instrument in Canadian schools.

Sport History

  • Research in the area of sport history is focussed on those sporting events that have been of special significance in the development of Canada and Western Canada in particular