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September 19, 2014   

Fast Facts about the CLS - Canada's Brightest Light for Innovation:

Researchers looking to develop better paints or lubricants, new medicines and therapies, or better ways to track environmental pollutants will have a powerful new tool in the Canadian Light Source (CLS) which opened in October 2004 on the University of Saskatchewan campus.

Canada 's synchrotron accelerates electrons to nearly the speed of light in a huge, ring-shaped vacuum chamber, producing brilliant light for countless research applications. The $174-million U of S-owned national facility represents unprecedented cooperation between national, provincial and municipal governments, as well as academic, industrial and government researchers. Launched in 1999 with a key $56.4-million block of funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), the CLS fosters cutting-edge innovation, attracting top researchers and students and helping establish Canada as a leader in synchrotron science.

CFI invested a further $18 million in 2004 to back a $44.5-million, five-beamline expansion at the synchrotron that includes a biomedical imaging and therapy line. Unique in North America, this beamline, scheduled to come online in 2008, will produce extremely clear and detailed images of body tissues, and offer precision tools for cancer treatment.

General Information

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"We're the first facility I know of in the world that started off long before turning on the switch, developing a - I'll call it a capacity in the industrial sector to use this facility . . . We hope that by being proactive prior to startup we'll have a better return on the industrial sector." - Bill Thomlinson, PhD, executive director of the Canadian Light Source Inc., discussing Canada's new synchrotron, the Canadian Light Source Bioscience World's Science quote of the week 10/6/2004
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March 2004

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February 2004