University of Saskatchewan

September 16, 2014   

Fast Facts about UofS Research

Research Chairs
Canada Research Chairs: 28

Canada Foundation for Innovation Funding
     University of Saskatchewan $58,653,100
     Canadian Light Source* $66,820,899
    Total CFI Funding** $125,473,999

*Includes beamline projects led by other institutions.
**1998 to 2005 inclusive. CFI typically funds 40 per cent of project costs, with the balance made up by other university partners.

Research Ranking
     Among Top 50 Canadian Universities
     Total research funding (based on 2003-04 figures) 15th
     Research intensity per full-time faculty $105,800
     Full-time faculty 1,017
Source:RE$EARCH Infosource Inc.  
     2005 Annual Maclean’s Ranking of Canadian Universities  
     Medical-doctoral category* 10th

* Medical-doctoral universities are those with a broad range of PhD programs and research, as well as a medical school.
Source: Maclean’s, November 6, 2005

Total Research Income, 2004-05 (millions): $109.5
Total U of S Revenue: 593.7
Research revenue as a percentage of total revenue: 18%
Source: University of Saskatchewan Annual Report 2005

Research Income by Source: 2004-05 (millions)
     Federal Granting Agencies:
          Canada Foundation for Innovation: 4.3
           Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC):26.8
          Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR): 10.6
          Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC): 7.6
          Other federal granting agencies: .5
     Federal Departments and Agencies: 7.0
     Provincial Departments and Agencies: 23.3
     Industry 13.5
     Miscellaneous 16
Research income by College or Unit: (millions)
     Arts and Sciences: $28.8
     Medicine 18.3
     Agriculture: 17.6
     Other Colleges and miscellaneous 17.2
     Interdisciplinary Units 13
     Engineering 7.0
     Veterinary Medicine 5.5
     Graduate Studies and Research 2.2
Detailed statistics and further information are available from University of Saskatchewan Institutional Analysis.

Commercialization of University Innovations

Intellectual Property (for the year ending spring 2004):

     Inventions disclosed 43
     Patents applied for 18
     Patents received 4
     Licenses and option yielding income 73
      Revenue from licensed technologies (million) $1.3

Enterprises based on U of S Innovations

Companies (includes early-stage start-ups and mature enterprises) 25
Number of Active Research Projects*
     Total active research projects: 4,450
      Internally-funded projects: 1,361
      Externally-funded projects: 3,089

* Figures are approximate; some projects draw funding from two or more sources.


U of S Facilities

Centres, Units, Institutes, and Facilities:


Physical Plant and Staff *

      Total interior building space (in square metres) 465,000
      Floor space expressed as Canadian football fields: 78
      Land area administered (in hectares) 700
      Land area expressed as Canadian football fields: 1,171
      Development and maintenance staff 400

* Figures are approximate.