University of Saskatchewan

September 18, 2014   


Pipe Flow Technology Centre
The Saskatchewan Research Council's Pipe Flow Technology Centre is world-renowned for its studies into the movement of slurries and viscous fluid mixtures through pipelines. The Centre was developed, in part, through the research of Cliff Shook, U of S professor emeritus in chemical engineering. Much of the centre's research over the last 40 years has supported the metallurgical, mineral and petroleum industries. The centre receives numerous visits from international researchers.

U of S Lab Scores World First in Biotech Research
A U of S lab was the first in the world to convert an antibody into an enzyme, a discovery that could pave the way for better tools to kill viruses, dissolve blood clots, or destroy toxins in crop seeds. Biochemistry Professor Jeremy Lee directs the lab where the work was done in 1998. Enzymes are proteins that speed up the body's chemical reactions and scientists want to harness their power in antibodies, which are proteins that defend the body from foreign invaders.

U of S Research Leads to R2000 Energy-Efficient Homes
The research of U of S Mechanical Engineering Professor Robert Besant led directly to the federal government adopting the R2000 program for energy efficient housing. In 1977, Besant's group built the first low-cost, public energy-efficient house in Canada - the Saskatchewan Conservation House in Regina. The federal government, after demonstrating the same design and construction concepts with a group of Saskatoon home builders in 1979-80, launched the R2000 program in 1982.

Besant has also led research work in low-cost air-to-air heat exchangers. Besant's group designed, tested and developed plastic exchangers that recover energy from exhaust air to heat ventilation air, resulting in energy-efficiency gains for houses and animal barns. The developments led to the formation of several Canadian companies, including Del-Air, of Humboldt, and Venmar CES, of Saskatoon. The companies do millions of dollars in business each year in an industry that continues to grow.