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July 28, 2014   

Chairs, Centres & Groups

Research-focused chairs, centres and groups create opportunities to pursue new initiatives of strategic importance to the University of Saskatchewan, the province, and the nation. 
The U of S has been allocated more than 30 Canada Research Chair positions under the federal Canada Research Chairs Program which was set up in 2000 to help make Canada one of the top five countries in the world for research and development. 

The University has also established numerous endowed and sponsored research chairs across campus in collaboration with corporations, donors, government and other funding partners aimed at achieving the highest levels of research excellence. 

Research chairholders advance the boundaries of knowledge in their own fields and contribute to the education and training of students. The U of S has more than 70 centres, institutes and facilities that focus research in specific areas and encourage collaboration among disciplines.  These formally structured units provide unique educational opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students, and are a valuable resource for the community at large. 

The U of S is also actively engaged in developing a wide variety of inter-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary research groups across campus.  



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