University of Saskatchewan

September 18, 2014   

National Networks of Centres of Excellence: U OF S Participation

University of Saskatchewan faculty who are members of the 14 Networks of Centres of Excellence, a partnership of the three federal granting councils and Industry Canada: (as of 2005)

Advanced Foods and Materials Network

Jill Hobbs, Agricultural Economics
Darren Korber, Food and Bioproduct Sciences
Nicholas Low, Food and Bioproduct Sciences
Michael Mehta, Sociology
Peter Phillips, Agricultural Economics
Michael Nickerson, Food and Bioproduct Sciences

AllerGen Network

Donald Cockcroft, Medicine
John Gordon, Vet Microbiology


Murray Drew, Animal and Poultry Science
David Janz, Veterinary Biomedical Sciences
Andrew Van Kessel, Animal and Poultry Science

Auto21 – The Automobile of the 21st Century

Lynnette Stamler, College of Nursing
Martin Roberge,, Agriculture & Bioresource Engineering
A.J. Dalai, Chemical Engineering

Canadian Arthritis Network

A. Rosenberg , Pediatrics

Canadian Bacterial Diseases Network (CBDN)

Lorne Babiuk, VIDO
Andrew Potter, VIDO
Volker Gerdts, VIDO

Canadian Institute for Photonic Innovations

Canadian Language & Literacy Research Network (CLLRNet)

Laureen McIntyre, Education Psychology & Special Education

Canadian Institute for Telecommunications Research (CITR)

Dwight Makaroff, Computer Science

Canadian Network for Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics of Cancer and Chronic Viral Diseases (CANVAC)

Lorne Babiuk, VIDO
Qiang Liu, VIDO
Sylvia van Drunen Little-vanden Hurk, VIDO

Canadian Stroke Network

Bernhard Juurlink, Anatomy and Cell Biology
Wolfgang Walz, Physiology
Jim Thornhill, Physiology

Canadian Water Network (CWN)

Jim Hendry, Geological Sciences
Monique Dube, Toxicology Centre
Bram Noble, Geography
Cherrie Westbrook, Geography

Health Evidence Application and Linkage Network (HEALNet)

Harley Dickinson, Sociology

Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems (IRIS)

Richard Burton, Mechanical Engineering
Chris Zhang, Mechanical Engineering

Intelligent Sensing for Innovative Structures ( ISIS)

Moh Boulfiza, Civil and Geological Engineering
Gordon Sparks, Civil and Geological Engineering
Leon Wegner, Civil and Geological Engineering

Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems (MITACS)

Mark Keil,, Computer Science
Rengarajan Srinivasan, Mathematics and Statistics
R. Spiteri, Mathematics and Statistics
N. Sari, Economics
M. Chaban, Economics

Micronet R & D

Safa Kasap, Electrical Engineering

PrioNet Canada

Trent Bollinger, Vet Pathology
Ted Leighton, Vet Pathology
Michael Mehta, Sociology
Cheryl Waldner, Large Animal Clinical Sciences
Lorne Babiuk, VIDO
Scott Napper, VIDO
Andrew Potter, VIDO

Protein Engineering Network of Centres of Excellence (PENCE)

Susan Abrams, Chemistry (Adjunct)

Stem Cell Network

Barbara von Tigerstrom, Law

Sustainable Forest Management (SFMN) Network

Ken Van Rees, Soil Science
Mark Johnston, Soil Science (Adjunct)
Keith Hobson, Biology (Adjunct)
Maureen Reed, Geography

TeleLearning Network Inc.

Jim Greer, Computer Science
Gord McCalla, Computer Science
Ralph Deters, Computer Science