University of Saskatchewan

September 19, 2014   

Guidelines for Research News Releases

“A dynamic Research Communications Office is an essential component in sustaining the U of S as a research-intensive institution. Effective communications are required to celebrate successes of the University and help build a strong reputation among potential students and faculty, attract government and industry support for research, and maintain an open and accountable relationship with the people of the province.” -- 2003-04 U of S Foundational Document for Research, Scholarly and Artistic Work.

Criteria for Strategic Research News Releases

U of S research news releases support the following University goals:

  • Celebrate success in research, scholarly and artistic work
  • Increase campus-wide commitment to research, scholarly and artistic work
  • Recruit and retain outstanding faculty
  • Establish U of S as a major presence in graduate education
  • Respond to a sense of place – serving Saskatchewan
  • Enhance the undergraduate experience
  • Become a national centre of excellence in research directly related to Aboriginal peoples
  • Increase knowledge transfer and commercialization
  • Demonstrate accountability for research dollars, internally and externally


Research news releases/advisories should be consistent with the approved U of S 2004-007 Research Communications Plan and should meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Does this release have “news value” for media, addressing an issue of current public interest?
  • Does this project raise the local, national or international profile of U of research, scholarly and artistic work, thereby helping to advance U of S as one of the top 10 research-intensive universities in Canada?
  • Does this project fit with the six major areas identified in the U of S Integrated Plan:
    • Health
    • Science, technology, and society
    • Environment
    • Business and entrepreneurship
    • Extending community
    • Public policy
  • Does this news release fit other key goals of the U of S Integrated Plan such as conveying a sense of place, international standards, celebrating research achievement, promoting Aboriginal research, major presence in graduate education, commercialization?
  • Does this project reflect an area of research pre-eminence (*this list currently under development) or an area highlighted the U of S Canada Research Chair Strategic Plan?
  • Does this research project/conference have an impact on undergraduate or graduate students and/or the classroom learning experience?
  • Does this news release help fulfil a communication obligation to a funding partner (ie. requests for releases from our federal and provincial partners, contractual obligations involved with other types of projects)?
Does this news release help build profile for major U of S research centres or affiliated centres such as CLS, VIDO, InterVac, etc.?