University of Saskatchewan

September 21, 2014   

Research News

What is Research News?

Research News is an online newsletter that covers the latest results and benefits of University of Saskatchewan research, scholarly, and artistic work. It informs readers about the services and outstanding faculty, students, and staff that advance the University’s $140-million-a-year research enterprise.

Who reads Research News?

Research News is emailed to over 1,000 faculty, senior university leaders, and graduate students. Business leaders, government officials, and media outlets also subscribe to our news feed.

According to a recent survey, faculty members compose the largest reader group (49.5%), followed by university staff (24.2%), government workers (5.3%), graduate students (2.1%), businesspeople (2.1%), and others (16.8%).

What makes a Research News item?

  • Core: We look for ideas that get to the heart of the U of S vision for outstanding work in Indigenous, environment, frontiers of science, culture, and health research. We’re also looking to share more stories about students excelling in research.
  • Current: Research News is distributed near the end of the month. The sooner we find out about a current or upcoming news item, the more likely we are to cover it.
  • Catchy: We aim for news that makes you want to read more, not aim for the recycle bin.
  • Clickable: We want stories that you can click on and explore. Whether a story has web links or digital photos, we want to give our readers every chance to connect.

How can you submit a story idea?

You can send your story idea to or call the editor at 966-2427. Editorial guidelines are available here.