University of Saskatchewan

September 22, 2014   

Education and Training Program

UCACS Animal Care Course

A mandatory part of the Education and Training Program is completion of the UCACS Animal Care Course. This core training course is available as an online, web-based course. There are four different courses (laboratory animals, farm animals, fish, and wildlife) available, to allow flexibility and choice depending on one's research program. A course is also availabe specifically for SVMA licensed veterinarians or for principal investigators who are not directly involved in the use or supersion of live animals.

Each section contains a number of modules. A quiz at the end of each group of modules constitutes the formal grade for the course. When all three module groups have been passed successfully (average of 80% is required), the registrant will have passed the online course.


Except for graduate students, all other animal users (faculty, technicians, research associates, undergraduate students, etc) with an active U of S NSID are provided with access to the UCACS Animal Care Course. Individuals must first Log In to Blackboard with their active NSID and then self-register in the online course. Animal users are requested to complete the course within one month of registration.

If you have a NSID but it is not active, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 966-4817 or for assistance. Researchers, or other animal users, not affiliated with the U of S who are interested in registering for the UCACS Animal Care Course should contact for further instructions.  

Graduate students using animals in their research, must register for the web-based GSR 962: Ethics Integrity Animal Research course.  As of May 1, 2008, all new graduate students enrolled at the U of S must complete the web-based GSR 960: Introduction - Ethics Integrity course which covers academic ethics, including integrity, conflict and intellectual property.  Graduate students should register for these courses via PAWS, similar to registration for other U of S courses.

Registration and Log In:

The UCACS Animal Care Course can be accessed as follows:

Through PAWS, the UCACS Animal Care Course can be accessed as follows:

  • Log In with your NSID and password through PAWS and select the "Course Tools" icon (upper right).
  • Select “Course List For... Course Assistants and Guests”, which will bring you to the “My Courses” page in Blackboard.
  • Remain on this Blackboard page and then use this link:
  • The access code for the course is onlineUCACS.
  • Click on “Submit” when prompted at the next screen.
  • A self-enrolled screen will appear once you are registered.  Click “OK” in the bottom right corner.
  • The course content will appear and you will have access to the course.
  • Note: To access the course again, follow the first two steps listed above. The middle box on the screen (U of S Course List) will contain courses you are registered for in the Blackboard system.   
  • Click on “ucacs_live: Non-Credit Experimental Animal Care and Use Core Course - (UCACS Animal Care Course”.  This will bring you to the main screen of the course where you can select which content to complete.

If you have any questions or problems with the course, please email .