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September 16, 2014   

Education and Training Program

The Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) guidelines mandate that “All personnel* involved with the use of animals in research, teaching and testing must be adequately trained in the principles of laboratory animal science and the ethical issues involved in animal use.” (* All personnel includes principal investigators, graduate students, research technical staff, post-doctoral fellows, animal care staff, etc.)

Meeting Responsibilities: The institutional animal user education and training program at the University of Saskatchewan is a poster developed by the UCACS Education and Training Committee to highlight the U of S program.

To ensure that our university’s Education and Training Program for all animal users is fully compliant with the CCAC guideline, the University Committee on Animal Care and Supply (UCACS) requires that all personnel involved in the use of animals in research, teaching and testing must complete the Non-Credit Experimental Animal Care and Use Core Course (UCACS Animal Care Course).

Online Training

UCACS Animal Care Course

This course must be completed by all individuals listed on an animal use protocol before the UCACS Animal Research Ethics Board (AREB) will approve the protocol.

The Education and Training Committee has also developed a Decision Tree to help decide which Animal Use Protocol (AUP) form is required and also which online Ethics Course should be completed.

Practical Skills Training

The UCACS offers several practical skills training workshops on a regular basis, including Basic Rodent Handling (half day), Introduction to Rodent Anesthesia (2 half days), and Basic Surgical Skills (2 half days).  A workshop on advanced rodent techniques is also offered 2 to 3 times a year.  Other training can be provided as required by contacting the UCACS.

A list of the UCACS practical skills training workshops is provided below. Workshops are open to all animal users (faculty, staff, technicians, animal care personnel, students, etc.) at the University of Saskatchewan as well as external units and companies. For more information on specifical practical skills training workshops, click on the links below:

Basic Rodent Handling and Basic Rabbit Handling

Introduction to Rodent Anaesthesia

Basic Surgical Skills

Advanced Rodent Techniques        

Aquatic Animal Care     

Livestock Handling  

To discuss your training requests and schedule practical skills training, please contact the Animal Welfare Veterinarian.


Past Workshops and Presentations