University of Saskatchewan

September 23, 2014   

Policies and Procedures


Standard Operating Procedures
Section 100: General Administration Section 400: Review of Research
SOP 101: Authority and Purpose SOP 400 Funding Release Prior to Ethics Review

SOP 102: Activities Requiring REB Review

SOP 401 Review of Research
SOP 103: Policies and Procedures Management SOP 402 Delegated Review
SOP 104 Training and Education of REB Members and Staff SOP 403 Initial Review
SOP 105 Management of REO Personnel SOP 404 Full Board Review
SOP 106 Conflict of Interest SOP 405 Ongoing Review and Reporting
SOP 107 Signatory Authority SOP 406 Annual Renewals
SOP 108 Uses and Disclosures of Personal Information SOP 407 Study Closure
Section 200: REB Organization SOP 408 Non-Compliance
SOP 201 Composition of the REB SOP 409 Administrative Holds, Termination and Suspension of Approvals
SOP 202 Management of the REB SOP 410 Reporting
SOP 203 Duties of REB Members Other Sections
  SOP 601 Communication with Researchers
Section 300: Functions and Operations SOP 801 REB-Required Investigator Actions
SOP 301 Submission Requirements SOP 902 Audits by Regulatory Agencies
SOP 302 REB Meeting Administration Combined SOPs
SOP 303 Administrative Review Combined SOPs: searchable pdf file