Radiation Safety Program

In Canada, nuclear activities are regulated by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC). The University of Saskatchewan obtains a licence from CNSC to possess, use and store nuclear substances and devices. Under the jurisdiction of the Department of Health, Safety and Environment, the Radiation Safety Office administers the use of radioactive nuclear substances and radiation devices through the Radiation Safety Program. The Radiation Safety Program is a successful program in protecting health, safety, security and the environment. This is accomplished by conducting training courses, workplace inspections, inventory audits and consultations with campus community. The Radiation Safety Program ensures regulatory regime is effective and efficient. Regulatory efficiency provides international standards, up to date laboratories, and a healthy environment for research to thrive.

Under the authority of the President, the Radiation Safety Advisory Committee (RSAC) is established. The RSAC is authorized to advise in the safe use of nuclear substances, radiation devices and prescribed equipment, make recommendations on policies, and approve procedures and guidelines. Further, a subcommittee of the RSAC, the Radiation Safety Protocol Approval Committee (RSPAC), is authorized to issue nuclear substance permits, as required under the Nuclear Safety and Control Act.

In accordance with the licence issued by Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission to the University, the Principal Investigator is required to obtain a permit from the RSPAC prior to possessing and/or handling the following substances or devices:

The following radiation devices require registration with the Radiation Safety Office:

All individuals must adhere to the University’s Radiation Safety Code for the acquisition, use, storage, transportation and disposal of nuclear substances, radiation devices and prescribed equipment. Refer to the Radiation Safety Code for more details.

Please refer to the Radiation Safety page on the DHSE website for more details: http://www.usask.ca/dhse/radiationsafety/index.html

If you have any questions or require guidance, please call DHSE @ 966-8494.